Waste Collection

Waste Collection Preferred Provider

Waste Connections Of Texas
has been chosen as our POA preferred Waste Collection Provider.

(855) 809-2783

When you call to set up services you simply let them know you wish to receive services under the preferred provider agreement for Cypress Springs.

The services include waste removal, recycling, as well as an annual bulk pick up for the neighborhood if we reach our membership threshold of 300 residents. Trash is picked up on Monday and Recycle is picked up on Thursday.

       Residential Trash Service (96 gallon container) billed quarterly    = $ 46.50 + tax 
                                                                                                           (senior rate $ 43.50)
       Residential Recycling Services billed quarterly                             = $ 18.00 + tax 
                                                                                                           (senior rate $16.50)
       Each Additional 96 gallon cart billed quarterly
                             = $ 18.00 + tax

As a preferred provider we get a preferred rate based on the number of residents that sign up.  The more residents that sign up the lower our rate.  As part of this agreement Waste Connections will give the POA the lowest rate possible in anticipation of signing residents up, If however Waste Connections does not secure over 300 residents under the program within six months or by 12/1/18 they have the right to increase our rates to the level of participation. (1-150 residents = $5 increase, 151-300 residents = $2.50 increase).  Of note, if we don't hit our goal of 300 then we wont get the annual bulk pickup however any individual can call and arrange for bulk pickup at an additional charge.  (James Hare is our sales Rep if you have issues)