Comal County request for Amendment to Plat required POA letter:
Download and fill in

We need your vote!!
CC&R Election Ballot Part 1  is waiting for everyone to vote.  If you are new to the neighborhood or forgot to vote earlier, please click on the link and vote so we can move forward with more changes that you have asked us to make for our community.  You can also be find the link on the Community Calendar, February 15th.  Please vote, one time per lot.
Currently (272 votes):   For (177) 67%    Against (95) 33%
The current CC&R requires that any change be approved by a minimum vote for the change of two-thirds of all of the possible votes, one vote per lot. Since there are 489 lots, that means that at least 326 votes must be cast in favor of any change to approve it.

CSPOA Legal Matter:
The jury made their decision on Wednesday, October 13th.  Property Owners were sent an email with the details and there is information in the CSPOA News.

Currently the cards are working and not the codes.
In order for us to make sure that our beautiful river park is being enjoyed by our owners and their guests, we will be removing the codes that you have on your cards. When you have guests, we can put a code on the card with a start and end date. You would need to include this on your RV or Tent request. If you have any questions or special requests, please call 210-865-1454.

Burn Ban is OFF (per website)

TCEQ Laws For Outdoor Burning when the County Burn Ban is not in force:

CSPOA Annual Meeting 11/6
(Friendly words from Nextdoor) Thanks to the foresight of the Board of Directors to implement electronic balloting, we were able to avoid the scramble of previous years to assemble a quorum of the members, which is 10 percent of the owners.  Minutes will be posted on the POA website (in the 2021 Annual Member Meeting), but re-elected to the Board were Tim Williams and Vanessa Bibb, and Kurt Geist, who had previously served on the Board, joining Michelle Grell and Nancy Chamberlain.  Kurt replaces Scott Gorman, who chose not to stand for re-election, which we can understand.  Scott and his wife have 6 kids, and I don't know when he sleeps, or if he does.  Thanks to Scott for your service.  Elected to the Architectural Control Committee was Susan Hart.  Thanks to all who serve our community on the Board and other committees, which are unpaid positions which basically consist of either telling people they have to do what they don't want to, or telling them they cannot do what they want to.  We need people willing to do those tasks, and we should be grateful to those willing to do them.

Park Gate is working.  Please submit a request if you need cards.  If you scan your card and it does not work, text me (210-865-1454) your last name and card number.  I can go edit your card information to allow it to work. If you are renting a pavilion and need a code assigned to your card for the day, let us know and we can do that.

CSPOA Decals (same ones, we do not change out every year)  MUST be displayed on the lower left corner of your windshield above the Motor Vehicle tag.  All guests MUST have a Guest Pass or paper with the lot number of the property owner.  If you do not have decals or cards, you can request them on our website  You will need to register to do this, which all property owners should do this to receive all CSPOA information.  Neighborhood Watch and any property owner has the right to question someone not display a CSPOA Decal or a Guest Past.

Political Signs

CC&R permits ONLY for sale signs and owner identification signs.  State law forbids POAs to restrict political signs from 90 days before an election to 10 days after. ELECTION CODE CHAPTER 259. POLITICAL SIGNS 

CSPOA Annual Dues Information
You will be emailed your invoice for 2022 dues about the 2nd week of December. From the emailed invoice, you may pay online with credit card or bank draft, or can drop a check off at the mailbox at the park.  Thank you very much for being proactive!
Annual Dues are due on 1/1/2022 and are late after 1/31/2022.
Dues are $120.00 for a single lot and $240.00 for two or more lots.
Payments may be sent to the POA at 1301 Phantom Rider Trail, Spring Branch, TX 78070.
Invoices are sent by mail ONLY when late charges occur.  If you have not received one as yet or wish to pay on-line, send your email to [email protected] and one will be sent to you.

ACC Reminder
All structures and designs that add value to your property, require a submission to the ACC Committee for their approval.  Visit the Requests & Contacts page and then ACC Request to view the requirements to submit.

Monthly BOD Meetings
The Board will be meeting the 3rd Monday of each month at 6:30 at our River Park or on Google Meet due to COVID19.  See our Community Calendar for our Meet address.

RV Slots  
(Please check Community Calendar for availability)

Park Reservations

We have 10 RV areas ($20/night) and 5 tent areas ($5/night) that are marked off and fees go towards grounds, maintenance, and utilities (electric & water). These are first come, first serve basis, the areas are on the Park map on the River Park page. See the Community Calendar to know how many reservations have already been scheduled.

We have 2 fire pits at our park, one by the tent area and one closer to the river. When building a fire take into consideration the wind speed and safety for all.  Park closes at 10:00 so remember to show respect to neighbors who live close to the park and other campers.

When trimming your oak trees, a scar must be painted within an hour of the cut. Tar paint is the best paint to use. Please help us keep our property values, we don’t want OAK WILT to destroy our beautiful community. Thank

Unknown Cards
Please contact me (text or call 210-865-1454) if you own the following park cards so I can update the system:
32128 and 32129; 44776; 64153 and 64154; 63631

Our History
Cypress Springs Development
is a community of near 500 residences on tracts of land ranging from half an acre to over 5 acres in size. Our community sits along a stretch of the beautiful Guadalupe River in Spring Branch, Texas at the cusp of the Texas Hill Country. We love our river, the hills, the wildlife and our quiet living. If you find yourself with an opportunity to become a part of our wonderful community, you should take advantage of it and start living the good life.

Our Little bit of History:
       A significant portion of Spring Branch (known today as the Cypress Springs development) that borders the Guadalupe River was first settled by German native Adam Becker (1815-1901)
       Becker journeyed to Texas in 1845 to join Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels in establishing a colony on behalf of the Adelsverien, also knows as the German Emigration Company.  Becker contributed to the building of Fredericksburg, Texas, and assisted with other aspects of the colony.
       He married Elizabeth Monken and by 1852 had established his homestead on what is now Phantom Rider Trail in Spring Branch.  On his homestead he raised cattle.  The house he built for his family, which was privately restored in the first decade of the 21st century, was constructed of locally quarried stone and hand-hewn cypress from the banks of the nearby Guadalupe River.  Adam Becker became a United States Citizen in 1860 and upon his death in 1901 was buried in the cemetery on his homestead.  The headstone is located on the back end of the original property, not at the family cemetery.

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Thank You Steven Dunn for the beautiful photos of our neighborhood and wildlife.