River Park

PAVILIONS - Reservations are required for the pavilions as well as a non-refundable cleaning deposit of $35.00.  Simply submit a Pavilion Reservation Form and your reservation will be placed on the Park Calendar.  Your paid invoice is your reservation confirmation. Our Neighborhood Watch will help with tracking your days of stay.  Please remember to clean up and leave it looking great for the next family.

RV & TENT CAMPING SPOTS - Reservations are required for RV and Tent Camping spots.  Simply submit an RV/Tent Reservation Form and an invoice will be generated and emailed to you. While payment is not due until your arrival, payment as soon as you receive your invoice will insure your reservation in the event spots become limited (especially Holiday weekends).  Please remember to clean up your area and keep it looking nice.  For Holiday Reservations, we are limiting reservations to 4 per property owner and will need your payment when you receive your invoice.  If there is a cancellation you will receive credit for a future reservation.  Check the Community Calendar to see the availability and on our Home Page.

If you have to cancel, please email [email protected] to cancel your reservation.  Payments already made will be credited to your account by default or you can arrange for a refund check that can be picked up.

Please see the map below, to see the available size of the space. The end space on the second row #11, does not have water that works.  You can use a faucet splitter on #10 and then you have water.  Place a card in your window with the Property Owner's last name and tract number.  This is for emergency situations, in the event we need to contact the owner.  Print THIS INFORMATION , fill it out and place in your RV Window, at your Tent Site and for guests at Pavilion Parties.

         10 RV Spot      - $20.00 per night per space, utility recoupment fee 
          5 Tent Spot   - $  5.00 per night, bath house recoupment fee

Check the Community Calendar to see the RV and Tent availability.  If we have 10 RVs, 5 Tents and 2 Pavilions, we are full in all areas and you will be placed on a waiting list according to when you submitted your request.  We will contact you when availability happens.

You should review the CSPOA Policy Regulation Number 5 "Park Rules and Reservation Policies" 

Our Park uses Access Key Cards that every Homeowner should receive after closing documents have been sent you.  If you have not received park cards, have lost your card(s), or have an issue with your current card please fill out the Park Card Request form to explain the situation and someone will be in contact to assist.

If your reservation is not paid and on our Park Schedule you may be asked to leave the park premises by the Board or the Neighborhood Watch Patrol.  Reservations with are now required for your safety.

Thank You, CSPOA Board